Anka Wolbert is a former 4AD artist (co-founder and songwriter in 'Xymox') and was shrouded in mystery since the late 90s. Regular rumours surfaced about her re-entering the realms of the music world. Fortunately, she now has, and we're thrilled to release her solo album, Cocoon Time.

Sophie Zeyl is a well-established singer songwriter in the Netherlands. Her live performances received ample attention and lavish credit from the music press. She started working on this album two years ago, produced by Anka Wolbert, and co-produced by Pieter Nooten. Sophie Zeyl now releases her debut album.

Sophie Zeyl

On her debut album Sophie Zeyl has found her way. Not opting for the expected, a pure, acoustic sound gravitates towards a more beat-oriented sound. Her tantalizing vocals are guided by varied guitars, warm synth tones, laid back beats and atmospheric texture. The finesse of the arrangements brings out everything the voice has to show, a voice that caresses each syllable with a languid, velvet touch. Expect intimate moments in 'Under Water' and 'Move Me', intertwined with staggering pop songs like 'I am not like that'. Simply a magical record.


A mix of ambiance, dashed with guitars and ravishing melodies, Anka's album is a testament to the fact that music is not about a specific genre, and good music will always come through in the end. We can only wonder what took her so long to release this beautiful material. She has managed to create a sound that is referential without ever being derivative. Brit-pop springs to mind but then it delves so much deeper, composing an absorbed, contextualized sound.

Pieter Nooten

Pieter Nooten once again proves a master at emerging us into a state of reflective, contemplatative bliss with what seems such relative ease. His music is truly phenomenal, brittle and fragile, like a light sleeper's snooze. But don't be fooled, this is not music for relaxation. It's music for stimulating mind and imagination. It takes listeners into a perfectly-realized mood and atmosphere, one that draws you in and stays with you long after the last song ends.