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Sophie Zeyl

"Combining well layered, harmonious vocals reminiscent of Enya, as well as sublle hints of Bjork and Kate Bush, with seemingly endless, hypnotic guitar strumming, Sophie Zeyl's music produces a kind of sweetness infinitely comforting to any unsuspecting listener". Review by Daniel Glee, Subculture Magazine, London

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'Judging by Cocoon Time, Anka Wolbert survived her early brush with fame without any crippling loss to her talent. Recorded in East-London, the album begins strongly with the lush, guitar-driven “Inside the Bubble” and then mellows slightly for “A Storm”. Wolbert adds vocal interest by singing in a lower register, cleverly dueting with herself. “Hello Dustlane” pulsates with energy and urgency but the peak moment arrives with “Angel”. From: Review, Textura

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